About Us

Welcome to UpRoute!

Our objective is simple – To ensure your training and quality development experience with us is as candid and rewarding as possible.

Before forming UpRoute, I went over the past few years of my global expeditions, which involved while working with a range of industries as well as training participants belonging to various ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. While every industry, organization, and individual had unique requisites, some common facts always stood out:

  • Every individual in an organization has both defined and undefined proficiencies, which are awaiting exploration.
  • It is vital that every employee possesses the right skills and receives opportune guidance and feedback.
  • If our individuals are content, they will ensure our customers are too.
  • Engagement and recognition go a long way in retaining a proficient and competent workforce.
  • If the organization is willing to train – the employee is willing to learn.
  • And most importantly – every individual already recognizes the solution to every problem. We just need to encourage them to speak up!

At UpRoute, our job is not limited to getting employees in the training room and filtering their brains with necessary information. We ensure every interaction session is a ‘productive’ learning experience rather than session individuals are ‘forced’ to sit through.

We ensure communication is a two-way learning street.

At all stages of our involvement with the organization, we ensure a comprehensive analysis of areas that already possess strength, as well as those requiring attention.

The personalization of our training and quality content ensures we are targeting the distinctive constraints of the organization and its individuals. Please refer to our extensive list of programs to determine the requirements of your establishment. Alternatively, please forward your query to us by filling the request form, located under ‘Contact Us’.

We will be pleased to become a part of your organization’s development and find it as another opportunity to learn further.

So, embark on an expedition to advancement… with UpRoute!


About Alba

Alba Singh

Alba Singh, Founder of UpRoute – Training and Quality Development has over 14 years of training, quality, operations and management experience on a global platform across industries, including aviation, BPOs, retail travel, hospitality, and business consulting.

As someone who aims at enhancement of the organization through change implementation, Alba has been part of numerous projects involving cost saving initiatives, realignment of quality evaluations, broadening of policies and procedures, the introduction of employee recognition and retention agenda, migration of operations framework and initiation of training programs, including induction, soft skills, and management.

She has performed a key role in conducting training need analysis and quality regulation for employees across the Europe-Africa-Asia-Pacific region and has been instrumental in directing customization of training and quality curricula to meet the client, vendor, and industry requirements.

At various stages of her education and career span, Alba has been rewarded and recognized for exceptional customer service and performance excellence.

Having been brought up and receive education in countries across Europe, Asia and Pacific, she developed an interest in continuing to explore places and cultures. The work expeditions to organization centers around the globe gave Alba the opportunity to continue interacting with diverse nationalities and gather amazing narratives, especially during classroom training!